Five Things You Need To Build A Trusted And Beloved Brand
"Human-First, Always — As I shared earlier, lean into this approach over fear-based or “act now” messaging. If you approach your brand as the heart and soul of your business and then use marketing share how you can help your customer, you’ll be able to create truly authentic connections with them that last." As a part of our series about how to create a trusted, believable, and beloved brand , I had the pleasure to interview Brittany Woitas. Fueled by a passion for creating elevated brands that transform businesses, Brittany’s expertise and respected education are instrumental in leading Kōvly Studio , a brand and marketing firm. Leveraging experience working with organizations ranging from large, Fortune 100 companies to small, family-owned businesses, Brittany founded Kōvly Studio to elevate business success by strategically...
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  • As you grow a business you have to guard your reputation as well, because any hit to your reputation will tarnish your brand, potentially forever. There is an often quoted saying that "the customer is always right"  which is usually said by a customer when they are not getting their way. Of course we all know that the second part of that quote is "even when they're wrong" which is usually the case. For most businesses an unhappy customer is the result of the customer having unrealistic demands. There are times when things go wrong, but 99% of the time the business will make every effort to make it right, with the other 1% being a business that is behaving badly and they deserve to have their reputation tarnished. But, in order to protect your reputation there will be times when you have to bite your tongue just to make someone happy.  Once you have established a good reputation people will give you the benefit of the doubt in the event that an irate customer decides to defame you. It will happen, and part of building a brand is building up the trust in your community where people will understand that the customer is not always right.