Finding the Hidden Gold at a Device’s End of Life

When a new laptop or other electronic device arrives on an employee’s desk, where does the previous equipment end up? This short documentary explores how Lenovo’s Asset Recovery Services help find new lives for older devices, while still maintaining data security and privacy. The lives of devices taken out of service are extended by reusing, refurbishing, reclaiming, and recycling of products and parts, ultimately meaning that less than 1% of the device will go to the landfill.

In turn, recycled material such as post-consumer recycled plastic is used in Lenovo’s highly efficient production of new devices: Lenovo participates as both a buyer and a seller in the process.

Lenovo maintains high standards for Asset Recovery Services, including certification of multiple components of the journey – from data destruction to carbon offset. From her Lenovo office in Singapore, Wendy Wong, Director, Asia Pacific Marketing of Lenovo’s Solutions & Services Group, walks through the process step by step in the video above.

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  • We destroy the hard drive and recycle the rest

  • I have used this service. I also try to donate refurbished computers to my small community here in Southport, NC. I have a non-profit organization saveabird Inc. This organization's mission is to educate students about birds and their habitats. The students find it interesting when they can see a bird and log on to a Lenovo product. This product, along with seeing the bird up close, helps the student learn faster and feel confident that their facts are true and correct when they have to give a speech or write an essay.

  • We shred our drives and send the computers to an electronics recycler.  

  • We send drives to be destroyed for data protection.