Evolve Small Community Advisor Series Grand Prize Giveaway
The Evolve Small initiative has arrived and is brimming with grants, contests, special guests, celebrity endorsement and so much more! But where to start? What to explore first? We've got you covered there with a special giveaway!! Dive into this Community-Exclusive Giveaway as you explore the unique and resourceful Evolve Small initiative. Evolve Small Community Advisor Series Grand Prize Giveaway Are you having verification issues submitting any of your entries? Scroll to the bottom of this post for more information. What is Evolve Small? In 2021, Lenovo launched the Evolve Small Initiative, based on the belief that small businesses are the heart of North America. With the help of partners across the United States and Canada, Lenovo has led a rallied effort to provide financial aid, mentorship resources, and community support...
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  • The final monthly tablet winner is Steven S.! Congrats Steven & enjoy your new tablet!

  • Congratulations to the next two tablet winners, Kristin M. & Antonio M.! Tada

  • Hi SJ! The pulls have been grouped oddly due to the way it shook out! We published the first group of 3 and I have yet to post the next group - let me do that now! Thank you! 

  • I understood that we would be able to congratulate the winners on this page, have only seen it posted once..?

    PLUS! From now till the end of the giveaway in April, we'll be drawing 
    one random winner each month to receive a M10 Lenovo Tablet for participating in the giveaway so far. 

  • Wonderful Giveaways

  • Super cool stuff! 

  • That is awesome to hear. Thank you Judith! I agree. I am looking forward to looking into that one and Notion too! 

  • The webinar on 03/20/2024 was so informative and fun! I love Later.com. This is a game changer for me!! Thank you so much! 

  • Congrats again to the first three winners in the monthly tablet giveaway as part of the Evolve Small Grand Prize Giveaway

         &   Your prizes are finally in the mail Joy  Enjoy your new M10 Plus! 

  • Thank you Judith! I agree. I think Chantel did a wonderful job with Nico. Can't wait for the recording!