Do you really need that? 5 questions to ask yourself before buying new tech
When it comes to tech, one thing that everyone should be able to agree upon is that there is an abundance of options out there: Many platforms to consider, brands to become loyal to, and tools to accomplish the same tasks, so it’s no surprise that business owners can become overwhelmed when it comes time to invest in new tech. Making things more difficult, the investment in new technology has become more important than ever as we attempt to quickly adjust to the new normal of a digital world. Hybrid work, virtual client visits, and the ability to adapt to new regulations have become commonplace, and while a plethora of technology solutions have become available to solve these problems, it can be truly baffling to understand what’s available and what will actually help you. When auditing your current technology and considering new options...
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  • That's a hard call, especially when I'm still running my ThinkPad 8 years later! Generally speaking, when something wears down or is no longer able to keep up with my needs is the point to start looking for new solutions. Companies like Lenovo, who produce quality goods, make that decision both infrequent and a good investment, so it's worth the time to get it right when those opportunities arise.

  • I purchase new tech when the old tech no longer does the job.  It could be that computers have slowed down enough with newer software that they are costing the company too much time.  Infrastructure might not support the latest in needed security options.  Another reason to purchase new tech is to alleviate end users of tasks that could be done quicker or more accurately by tech.