Caring for Your PC: Tips & Best Practices
Your PC loves you. It puts up with your heavy typing on its keyboard and the 25+ browser tabs of cat videos you keep open at one time. It doesn’t complain when you spill coffee on it and doesn’t tell anyone about your habit of loudly singing along to Taylor Swift songs after stressful meetings. It’s time that we show our PCs a little love in return! Regular care and maintenance are of the utmost importance if you want your system to perform at its optimal state for a long time. We all have that one friend or colleague working with an older computer that performs better than the one you purchased less than a year ago. That person takes good care of their PC - and with the tips below, you can too: Keep things clean! As part of your PC maintenance routine, you should physically clean the computer itself, as well as any peripheral equipment...
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  • This is all helpful information.  I didn't know about unplugging your computer while not using.  It seems that would be hard to have all our employees remember to do.  I wonder if there is a better solution that could be built into the charging device or laptop that could stop charging when full and not in use.

  • Reinstall Windows once a year. It's a bit of a pain to learn how to do properly at first, but if you take the time to learn it you will save yourself headaches from an still-current-but-old installation of your operating system.