Beyond ping-pong tables: The new culture of remote work in 2023
When you think about work culture, what comes to mind? Prior to 2020, you might’ve said an open-concept work space, free lunch, or end-of-day happy hours. These are the workplace perks that once reigned supreme; they contributed to the personality of a company and what it felt like to work there. But office parties and team yoga don’t necessarily translate well to remote work—where most traditional office work is headed, if not already there. That doesn’t mean there’s no culture among those who work from home. In fact, as more teams collaborate remotely and hiring talent becomes increasingly location-agnostic, a new kind of culture is shaping up in these digital workplaces that’s vastly different than before. “People are savvier now,” says corporate culture consultant Ken Cameron . “They know that culture isn’t simply the external trappings...
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