It’s time for small businesses to get serious about data security – but it doesn’t need to be daunting.

In this session, Gerald Youngblood, North America CMO of Lenovo, and Matt Messick, Chief Information Officer for the Dallas Cowboys, will join Lenovo Evolve Small Ambassador Katie Reed to discuss the importance of data security and privacy for small business owners to both safeguard their businesses and deliver excellent customer service. Topics include:

- The data security and privacy building blocks that every small business owner can – and should – implement
- How to identify and protect sensitive data based on your unique business model
- The importance of educating your employees about personal cybersecurity to create a “human firewall” for your business
- Why prioritizing your business’ data security and privacy translates to better customer experiences and higher brand trust

Join us on Wednesday, December 20th at 1 pm ET for this interactive session to learn about the data security and privacy fundamentals to protect your small business – and your customers.

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