Best teambuilding activities (that aren't awkward)

If you are or have been a business owner, manager, director or leader of any kind, odds are you've had to run (or participate in) a teambuilding activity.

Building a positive team culture via teambuilding activities have numerous benefits, including increased productivity and happier employees - which ultimately benefit the goals of the business. Win win! 

But we all know these teambuilding activities can get pretty cringy. So, what are your tips and experiences when it comes to picking the activities with the highest return on investment and the lowest return on awkward?

Please share below and swap ideas with other members! 

  • In my experience, the key thing is attitude. It's better to go in with a group of people thinking, "Okay, we'll do these awkward icebreakers, because we genuinely want to accomplish something" than to pretend that it's not awkward. But you have to know your group. For some groups, it's better to skip all the folderol and just go straight to work.

  • I've been in very few teambuilding activities, and can't think of a single one that hasn't been awkward Smiley

    It probably depends on the group, but I think having a team lunch is often a great way to connect and build trust. It seems very human.

  • We can plan for a training in an intéresting city to visit, so we can ally the training with the visit 

    An activity day : ex : carting 

    A family day : where we can meet different colleagues families 

    a simple lunch with good vibes 

  • Tell me the most awkward thing that has ever happened kind of thing.

  • Our team is pretty small, so not many "Teambuilding Activities" but lunch, or a family fun day seems like a great idea.

  • I've found most team building exercises are very cringe worthy.  The best but longest approach is having team lunches where everyone gets to learn about each other slowly over time

  • I would say a couple tips would be to be inclusive with all.  Sometimes maybe through in something casual to the conversation such as a movie or show you saw recently ,etc.  Or food decussion and or food for the meeting could be enjoyable too when available.

  • As an opening exercise, "2 truths and a lie" can start to get the creative juices flowing.

  • Getting together after work is a great way for people to build friendships, and people are more likely to work cooperatively with one another if they actually like each other.

  • I prefer, please introduce yourself.. Like an elevator pitch..