Work-from-home: comical moments

With the recent workforce pivot to WFH, odds are you may have had a comical WFH 'whoopsie' moment at some point in these last few months...

We may have "Replied All" in an email meant for one person or forgotten to press mute while eating a snack on a call, but working from home creates a whole new world of possible interruptions: the dog goes into a barking frenzy at the sight of the mailperson, the kids come wandering in asking when dinner will be ready, or the curious cat decides to make their tail an appearance on your video call - to name a few! So what's your story?

What about you? Have any comical, unexpected or 'whoopsie' work-from-home moments? 

  • I don't have any comical or out-of-the-ordinary WFH moments personally, but I absolutely love the unexpected appearance of daughter Scarlet picking the best place to display her unicorn picture in her Mom's office while Mom was in a news interview a few months back. I love the response from the interviewer. Life happens!

  • I don't personally have any funny oopsies, but this recently made me smile.

  • I have a bathrobe that I thought was fancy enough to wear to a video meeting with a long-time community partner because, to me, it did not look like a bathrobe.  About half-way through our discussion he said, 'Kaite, I did not realize that our relationship had progressed to this level." 

    "What?", I said.

    His response was, "I did not know we were familiar enough for you to meet with me in you bathrobe."  

    Oh, I was busted.  :-)  We had a good laugh.  But now, if I am rushing to make an early morning meeting, I'll skip combing my hair before I show up in my fancy bathrobe again.

  • This is great zukeeper! I saw this a few places and it makes me laugh!! Laughing

  • You had me laughing! Thank you so much for sharing, love it! Joy

  • So, I babysit my great niece every Wednesday.  Covid-19 wrecked havoc on her parents childcare arrangements. This is my contribution to the cause.  At 14 months old, she comes crawling or teeter-tottering when she hears other voices coming from the dining room (my office when I am at her house) and my online meetings.  At first, she was just curious and was satisfied to see the faces on the computer screen.  And she was small enough that I could keep her down low and out of sight.  

    But, I have created a monster. 

    Now, she is too tall for me to hide in my lap and is not satisfied standing on the floor and just looking up at the screen.  She actually thinks she should attend the meeting and insists upon standing in my lap with her face next to mine.  She smiles and basks in the ooohs and aaahs and comments on the cute baby with the bright red hair.  Most folk are pretty tolerant because everyone is dealing with this oozing back and forth between work and home. 

    Then, last week, without warning, she decided that she should be able to actually participate in the meeting.  When I stood her in my lap she said," Hey!' (that's southern for hello) and waved her little hands energetically.  Of course, all serious talk stopped while everyone responded to her greeting.  Then it was back to work. 

    Not to be ignored, she grabbed my face and gave me a big kiss on the nose.  Then smiled to her audience.  It got the laugh she was seeking.  Then it was back to work.

    In the middle of one of my comments, she presented a baby-Latin monologue. I reminded her that is was MY meeting.  And it was back to work. 

    Finally, when it was clear that the meeting was coming to an end, she started waving, saying bye, and blowing kisses.   This gave everyone a final big laugh to take them through the rest of the day.  With only me left to entertain her, she slid down from my lap and went back to playing with her toys....alone. 

    I just know that one day she is going to ask me to pay her for helping me with my meetings.  

  • How cute is that?! Thank you for sharing. This one brought another smile to my face too haha. 

  • I regularly participate in Zoom Meetings(video) with just a button down shirt, tie and shorts. I like being comfortable - I'm tired of jeans, and chinos. Glad I'm not in face to face retail. 

  • was taking a gaming break and was so into game my mouse flew off of table. While attempting to catch it i accidently hit send on an unfinished email to my boss...whoops