Pitching ideas to stakeholders/leadership - suggestions or advice?

How do you pitch new projects, ideas or promotion-related topics to your stakeholders or leadership?

  • Do you have an idea for process improvement?
  • Or do you want to add a new aspect to your role to grow new skills?

Finding the right time, place and words can be a tricky sometimes, especially if your leadership isn't as open to change or new ideas. 

So, do you have any suggestions that have worked for you when pitching new ideas? OR Are you a leader? How do you feel when people pitch ideas to you? What do you like to see? How do you tell the good ideas from the not-so-good?

Please share with the community below! 

  • I always start by listening to others’ ideas. To check if there are similar or better ideas than mine.

    find an exceptional think in every idea. So they feel comfortable to add original ideas

    and try to bring closer the team ideas to mine, and mine to them.

  • You have to be perisistant to do this to get your messages/info out and to their ears. 

  • I have two basic kinds of clients. I think of them as Type1 and Type2.

    1. Those who think of me the way they think of hiring, oh, someone to install a new kitchen sink. They know what they want and that's all that they want. I respect them and try not to take this personally, even when I can see them missing opportunities. I don't try to pitch ideas to these clients. It annoys them. I do charge them my full rate.
    2. Those who hire me expecting from the start that I know a lot more about technology than they do (I do) and hoping that I will be not just a carpenter or plumber but also an architect who will suggest things that would never occur to them. I love these folks, of course, do my best work for them, and they in turn seem to love me. They refer me to their business associates — although interestingly, those associates sometimes are Type1 clients rather than Type2.

    The key thing is to be able to tell the difference. Very important for consultants to try to listen. I wasn't always great at that. I've gotten better.

  • This concept of having two categories, based on sentiment or behavior, is an excellent approach. Thank you for sharing this real-world wisdom!