Office, Remote or Hybrid?

Given the choice, what working model would you prefer AND why?

  • Full Time Office
  • Full Time Remote
  • Hybrid Work
  • Something else

We compiled your responses and this is what you said. Thank you for all your entries!

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  • Hybrid Work because sometimes you have to get out of the house!

  • Hybrid Work.  Collaboration with others is key and the thirst for human engagement outside the home even greater for me,

  • My choice would be 100% Full Time Remote!  I've been working FT Remote since Covid started in March 2020, it was a huge adjustment from working FT Office but once I got adjusted it came natural for me.  I enjoy the flexibility of being able to work from home, and still drop off and pick up my son to and from school.  Not having to pay for childcare is also a godsent.  I never realized how much more work I could get done working remotely from home, and how much "at peace" and less stressed I am now.  I don't have to deal with the usual "office drama" that comes with being in the office.  At home it's quiet, peaceful and I'm able to focus better.  I have also developed a "work/life system" where come 5pm I shut down my laptop and stop working for the day.  I make it a point to not allow my work life to spill over into my private life and to not do any unnecessary  overtime unless it's needed.  Now that I'm working FT remotely, I have no desire to going back to working in the Office.

  • Hybrid Work. It's the perfect mix. Sometimes you need to get out of the office and sometimes the house.

  • What's FT Office vs FT Remote? Is FT "Financial Times"? I'll assume FT is "Standard", in which case I would prefer Remote or Hybrid. I'm guessing Hybrid means that sometimes you have to come to the office, but mostly you're working remotely. The last few years before I retired, I was working Hybrid. It was a change of pace to go to the office for a day or two in a week, and I think that kept me staying sharp. Working Remote all the time tends to make one somewhat sloppy and lose the human touch. 

    Conclusion: Hybrid, assuming being in the office or attending meetings in person is kept to one or two days a week.

  • I like hybrid. Part of that is just for social reasons. Even though I'm an introvert, working remotely during 2020 eventually made me miss my team. FT at the office though can be distracting, so I like stepping away from it all several times per month for deep work.

  • I prefer the ability to use the hybrid approach. While I think there is an advantage to the social aspects of being in the office in today's changing world, the ability to work remote on occasion is nice for those days you need high focus/low interruptions. I also think that with today's workforce it is an added benefit.

  • I prefer full time remote. Being able to work from wherever, whenever, is a no brainer for me. I love the flexibility that working remotely offers, plus, I'm able to do more with my family. It definitely has its challenges, but the benefits seems to outweigh those for me. 

  • Full time Remote, Have one Full time Office at work.

  • Hybrid would work for me.  I can use it as office and remote.  Lenovo makes it easy to use for work and home.