How do you organize, process or digitize your new business contacts and business cards?

For those of us who travel for work, attend business or industry events, tradeshows, conferences and networking events, connecting with others is a key part of the experience!

And for many, that valuable networking often appears in the form of… you guessed it  - the good old business card!

But then, what to do with the business cards once they come home with you?

How do you organize, process or digitize your new business contacts and business cards?

Please share your tips, tricks, experience and process in the comments below!

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  • Everything gets entered into Outlook. Since we use Microsoft Exchange, as soon as I put it in Outlook, it is available on my computer, in webmail, and on my phone.  I then trash the cards, I hate trying to keep up with any type of paper.  

  • this is such a manual process.. but i do use the card to 1 enter into my contact ( excel list) for mail merge, I then enter it into our company CRM, then add them on linked in.. but i keep the card till i have the chance to validate what i typed.. (typing mistakes happen).. then maybe i toss the card.. 

  • In an age where a digital handshake is as common as a physical one, professional networking has transcended the traditional paper exchange. Enter the realm of digital business cards – a unique blend of modern technology and networking essentials that cater to professionals, creative entrepreneurs, and tech-savvy networkers. A simple "bump" or Bluetooth connection is all it takes to transfer your card to a new connection's device. I really like these cards because they alleviates the need for a physical touch or the use of paper.