In Office or Work From Home?

A new study shows that whether employees work from home or in the office does not make a difference to the company's bottom line, but forcing employees to come back into the office harms productivity and moral and leads to more quitting. Where do you stand on this question: should employees get a choice  (if your job is doable from home, of course) or should companies get to make the rule?

As a freelancer, I naturally work from home. But before that I had employee positions in the office and at home, and I much preferred working from home. Partly that was my job: I was a copyeditor and somehow I always got a cube next to a salesperson, making concentration difficult. (No offense to sales folks: it's your job to talk to others!) But it's also partly personality: I'm an introvert and prefer my home surroundings. And once we had kids, WFH let me be the parent I wanted to be. It also meant I didn't miss work when there were snow or sick days for the kids.

What do you think?