Impactful teacher, mentor or role model?

Was there a teacher, mentor or other similar role model who made a significant impact on you growing up?

Did they inspire you to pursue a certain career path? Did they impart a meaningful lesson?

Please reply below and share you're experience!

  • unfortunately i had a sad experience not worth sharing....i'll pass on this thread

  • Mr. Gary Seitz was the best teacher. He was a science teacher. He taught that learning about the circle of life was essential to our survival. He also taught us what to look for when people grow older so that we can assist them if they become disabled. I was inspired to join the United States Youth Conservation Corps, and I also became a survivalist at a young age.

  • I guess my dad would have been that for me.  He taught me to be self reliant and that I could figure out how to do anything I wanted with or without.  He wasn't the best at anything, but he was good at a lot of different things.

  • My high school filmmaking/drama teacher was probably the best teacher I ever had and definitely inspired my direction in both college and career. I was lucky enough to have several other great teachers along the way as well.

  • My Spanish teacher in High School inspired me to be patient with myself and she made learn a new language less intimidating.

  • I had the supervisor,, that I learned so much from, and from working with her I feel I a m a better person and better at my job.

  • I generally learned what not to do by observing those around me. When I was in high school I worked at a fast food restaurant and there were many employees who were twice my age who were making the same minimum wage I was making. Many of those people were also very lazy. I always has a small business owner mindset, but being around those people really drove me to start my own business right after I finished high school. I remember one 45-ish year old fellow employee once said to me "why are you out here busting your @$$ for minimum wage". He was referring to the fact that I worked non-stop from the time I clocked in until the time I clocked out. Notably, he was saying that as he leaned against the wall while watching me scrub the floors.  I always thought "If I were running this place I would fire half of these people." That motivated me to take the plunge into small business ownership sooner rather than later.

  • I interned for a couple of veterinarians while in high school. Didn't become a vet, but not their fault. Saw a lot of what they do to compare with all the James Herriot I'd read. (Not actually that far off.)

  • I had a few great teachers. One of them was my Junior/Senior year English teacher. I didn't really fully appreciate his in-your-face, sit-down-shut-up-do-your-work style while I was in school, but later in college and the workplace I realized how great of a job he did to make us become great writers. 

  • My uncle was like a mentor to me. Made me quit a lot of my bad habits during me teenage. He was just really good at helping even when I didn't had the courage to ask.