Poll: How to stand out/make an impression in meetings: Tech and non-tech related

Making a good first impression virtually can be a challenge but can also go a long way when starting a new business relationship, meeting with a new client, or pitching a brilliant idea to a gaggle of investors.  

But even if it's just an everyday, hybrid work meeting, how do you make an impression? 

  • Do you care to stand-out or make an impression in meetings? 
  • How do you speak, act, or present yourself to do or not do this? 
  • Does your tech stack of audio and video equipment play a factor? 
  • How about your virtual background, wardrobe choices, lighting and other factors like this? 

Please share with the community below! 

  • it's a bit of all the answers mentioned above.
    but, in my opinion, the worst, and the error in which many beginners fall,
    it is to hide his stress in arrogance and indifference.
    it kills the relationship of trust.
  • In my opinion, the worst way to make a bad first impression in a virtual meeting is not being prepared to discuss the topic of the meeting. This shows that you don't care about the meeting, or the people involved, and it's a sure way to lose their respect.

  • I don't worry about making an impression, but about doing a good job. If I do that - meaning I'm prepared, have done my reading, have thought about the issues - then I generally make a good impression.

  • Not being prepared! If the whole reason for the meeting is to discuss a topic, this is just the bare minimum you can do. Everything else- well, stuff happens!

  • You should have a dedicated space that looks professional and minimizes distractions - so if you are at home you can tell your family, etc. that you need to concentrate on this virtual meeting and not be interrupted.  You should also have reviewed the material and practice good meeting etiquette so that you don't interrupt others listen to and consume what others are saying and ask for clarification if necesssary before you pitch your ideas.

  • Making an impression during a hybrid work meeting can be easy or difficult, depending on your goals and situation. It is essential to consider several factors, such as what you wear, how you present yourself, and even the equipment you use. If your goal is to stand out positively and make an excellent first impression, it's crucial to come across as professional and knowledgeable.

    To achieve this, make sure to prepare for the meeting by doing research on the topic or person you are speaking with. Being well-prepared will help project confidence and allow you to become the organization's go-to expert. Additionally, pay attention to your virtual background, lighting, audio/video equipment, and wardrobe choices.

    The right equipment can also be a significant factor in making a good impression. Invest in quality audio/video equipment to make you appear more sophisticated and knowledgeable. Additionally, find out if your company has standards or guidelines for conducting business meetings virtually and follow them closely. Doing so will show that you are taking the meeting seriously and understand its importance.

    Finally, it is essential also to consider how you communicate. Speak clearly with a strong and confident voice to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. By following these tips, you will be well on your way to making a lasting impression in hybrid work meetings!

  • To make a positive impression for me consists of being positive, helpful to others such as teammates, being prepared, as well as being insightful and knowledge (which you can learn/pick up over time)

  • Competency wins the day, every day. I try my best to be competent, know my limits, & not pretend to know what's outside my expertise.

  • You need a solid agenda - PLUS - sticking to it.  Putting 'squirrels' into a parking lot for future discussion.  

  • The best way to demonstrate that you do not belong at a meeting is to sit there quietly and make no effort to contribute to the conversation. If you show that you have no meaningful input to the conversation, then you have demonstrated that you can easily be replaced.