If you didn't have to work, what would you do?

Imagine life without work. You just get paid for doing what you like to do!

If you didn't need to work, what would you do?

  • So many choices! Probably just all my favorite things that I already do anyway just more of it! And I would work on my art business FT! 

  • That time will come for me, so I set up a non-profit to educate others about birds.

  • Haha!  Good question.

    I would be a good dog walker.

    I just like taking our dogs out for their morning and late afternoon/early evening walks.  I get beneficial exercise and the walks are good for our dog's physical and emotional health.  Just be mindful of the rising temperatures and hot pavement/walkways and put some walking shoes on their paws that are designed for hot pavement.

  • Lucky you are ! You already manage your Time to do your favorite things even if you work. We will need to learn from you how you manage time :) 

    Art Business FT ?

  • That seems very interesting, Judith.

    How will it be ? Will you have sessions ? Groups? Will it be on Line ?…

  • What a good idea !

    It will be good for you as well, since you will walk as well, and be in good company :) 

    Positive !!!

  • I would hike and bike through all of the national parks, particularly the ones in Utah and Arizona. I think forests and mountain trails are nice, but the odd rock formations in Utah and Arizona are what i really want to see and it would take a lifetime to see them all.

  • I have online classes.It is one on one and groups.

  • Contact with people and communicate with them about information that we like. Isn’t it Beautiful ?