Device distinction: Do you have a work-dedicated mobile device?

With mobile devices and strategies becoming more and more integrated with the way we interact with the world, the distinction between work and personal devices are becoming less and less apparent. 

BYOD programs and similar workplace initiatives are placing the focus on not only business devices, but personal devices as well. 

So what about you?

  • Do you have a dedicated mobile device for business use and another for personal use or are they one and the same?
  • How do you feel about the rise of mobile as a key to the successful modern workforce? 

Please share in the thread below!

  • I don't have a dedicated mobile device for work.  I wish I would of made it clear since now my clients call at anytime without notice.  I would like to know more about programs that office an additional line on a mobile device.  To keep my number and have a work number to the phone also. Any suggestions??

  • Check out Google Voice.  I have a side photography business and I wanted a dedicated number for it.  I signed up for a Google voice account and installed the app on my personal phone.  People can call or text it and it shows up separately from my normal calls and texts. I can also call out from it so it shows my business number.  

  •  How were you able to transfer your number??  They don't give me a number that is close to where I live?

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