Will DOCSIS 4.0 be the game changer for cable companies to compete with fiber provider speeds? Do you think DOCSIS 4.0 is even worth it for providers to deploy or should cable companies just replace everything with fiber?

  • From what I have seen most cable internet providers are not concerned with upgrading except in areas where fiber is available.  I live in a town where AT&T has put down fiber so I expect the Docsis 4.0 to roll out in the next few years. I recently bought a new modem so I am in no hurry to upgrade. I have no real need for gig speed so my Docsis 3.1 and wifi 6 router are future proofing me for the next several years until they try to force everyone onto a higher priced gig plan.

  • I think DOCSIS 4.0 will be great. More competition is always better. When it was just DSL and DOCSIS 3.0, higher-end consumers and small businesses had no option other than expensive fiber. DOCSIS 4.0 provides a theoretical max of 10Gbps download and 6Gbps upload. The cable companies can then offer symmetric packages of 1Gbps, 2Gbps, or higher to compete with all the new fiber providers like Quantum, AT&T, Ting, and others. I spoke to my Cox Business rep several months ago and he said they are moving all the TV broadcast over to IP so they can reuse the channels for data. From what I read, most cable providers have already started moving to fiber for newer installs, but it would take a while for them to replace all the existing coax. Just like Century Link, AT&T, and other telephone service providers will take a while to replace all their existing copper lines.


    Have you heard of UTOPIA Fiber?

    Before learning about them, I never imagined I'd have the following thought, "I should move to northern Utah or southern Idaho."

    I currently live 10 miles north of the George Washington Bridge (to NYC).  20+ years ago, I lived in Brooklyn Heights.  Most residential fiber, in both locations, has been garbage and/or a ripoff¹.

    (1) After the "introductory pricing" expires.  In the New York Metro-area, symmetric, 1-Gbps service costs $100/month.  Through the 18 providers in (rural) Utah and Idaho—using UTOPIA Fiber's infrastructure—1-Gbps service costs $40–55/month.