(Potentially) Useful Windows Troubleshooting Tool w/ GPT-4

I found this on a YouTube tech channel I sometimes watch.  It seems like a useful tool.  And, I imagine, from a source most professionals would not recognize.

ThioJoe: I Created the ULTIMATE Windows Troubleshooter AI
URL to tool: https://chatgpt.com/g/g-c6qgR5jFN-windows-troubleshooter-with-docs-reference
(link opens new tab or window)

Unfortunately, I get a 404 error as the response; i.e. "404 | This page could not be found."  I have not tried this tool.  I don't use Windows or support any software on Windows.  I was looking forward to testing it, though.

Perhaps you'll have better luck. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Useful info. Thanks for sharing

  • Interesting and cool! Thank you!

  • I think I remember watching that video, sadly never got a chance to try it myself. Maybe one day it'll be restored? Who knows!


    I suspect ThioJoe was ill-prepared for the financial consequences of offering that tool to his audience.  Surely, it leverages his credits (or tokens?) for using ChatGPT.

    I've heard stories about people who paid for a low-tier, cloud-compute plan (≈$20?).  Unfortunately, they made three mistakes.

    1. Failed to read the full terms of service.
    2. Misconfigured the node (or cluster) to scale automatically.
    3. Failed to pretest their code locally—to ensure it reaches an exit condition.

    They had created an infinite loop (or an infinite recursive stack); which—with such powerful compute running it—quickly scaled to hundreds (or thousands) of nodes (or clusters).

    After running just 4–5 hours, they racked up an $18,000 bill.

    As I recall, they were spared the full consequences.  Paying only a small fraction of the total, they still spent many times what they intended to spend (≈9,000%).  Erroneously, they imagined the account was capped at some small amount of compute.

    But, they were wrong, weren't they!?! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯