What do you guys think of the new Snapdragon Laptops?

  • Excellent display, great think design.

  • I would have to see one in action...

  • I don't have one but from all I've read, it's a good buy

  • I haven't had the opportunity for hands on experience but from a couple of reviews I've seen they look really good

  • I'm on a wait-and-see approach. Windows on ARM in the past has not been great. Let's see how it performs now and the compatibility with various software.


    I am very excited to try one.  I'm really only interested in models with the Snapdragon Elite X.

    As a desktop Linux user, I have no intention of running Windows 11 on it.  Unless Lenovo changes their Linux-support policies, my selection is limited to ThinkPads.  Only Lenovo's Think* devices get firmware support via fwupdate repositories.

    For further reading on my quest to expand Linux-support to Lenovo's other brands (mostly in the replies):

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  • They look great! Waiting for a ThinkPad with a a better display!