Free PDF tech support book - "Help! My Computer is Broken"

I thought some of you without your own IT departments might find this free tech support book useful.

Raspberry Pi Press* originally released it though Wireframe magazine, but unfortunately, Wireframe magazine was shut down about a year or so ago.

However, it looks like you can still download the PDF directly from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which is free and legal to share under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 licence. (linked below)

If you prefer a hardcopy, you might still be able to find copies on Amazon for purchase.


Want to know how to fix common computer problems, without having to wade through technical jargon? Or are you the family on-call technical support person, and need a bit of help?

Help! My Computer Is Broken takes the most common computer problems and tells you how to fix them. It’s as simple as that! If you’ve ever wondered why your laptop won’t turn on, you can’t get a WiFi connection, your printer isn’t printing, or why everything is so slow – well, this is your book…

148 pages of essential information, to help you solve common issues such as:

  • Why can’t my computer see my printer?
  • Why is there no sound coming from my computer’s external
  • Why are games running really slowly on my computer?
  • My computer keeps crashing – how do I start in safe mode?
  • How do I stop my computer going to sleep when I leave the room for ten minutes?
  • And many more!

Direct link to download PDF:!-My_Computer_is_Broken_DIGITAL_2.pdf

Original Wireframe magazine page for book archived at Internet Achieve:

*Raspberry Pi Press operates under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial ShareAlike 3.0 Unported licence (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0). This means you are welcome to share and adapt the content of our books and magazines for non-commercial purposes, as long as you follow the licence terms.

  • This is fantastic! Thank you!

  • Raspberry Pi Press also released two free books about teaching computing in the classroom through Hello World magazine that you might find useful for your teaching job.

    I posted the links over at EDU:

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  • I thought to post it after the webinar yesterday when you mentioned how few small businesses have dedicated IT support.

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    I wish I had a Raspberry Pi to experiment with! 

  • I need to send this to all my family members who use me as their free IT support... Slight smile

  • Outstanding.. thank you for sharing.. I downloaded it