How do you protect your organization?

Discussion of the week: How do you protect your organization?

Whether virtual or physical, enhancing security at your business or organization is important - especially around this time of year! 

  • A VPN, first of all. Then  Norton Anti--virus with LifeLock, or Bittorent. Moving to the Cloud can help, because that allows others to take care of many computer-related issues for you. Your storage will be held off site. There won't be so many machines laying around to tempt thieves. Azure with Role Based Access Controls. Screening your employees well, because many attacks come from the inside. And learning the ways of the Force.

  • I use and test Norton vs other defenders and I do not let anyone near them. The fortress is locked. I have not invested in a Yoda yet. 

  • It's a combination of hardware, software, and training.

    Firewall - there are many great firewall providers out there. I looked at a lot of them. I decided on Sophos XG210s and XG125 for my offices. It was a balance of price, performance, security, and ease of use.

    Endpoint Protection - Most solutions are great. The amount of coverage for malware and viruses vary a little between all the major vendors. There are some great ones that have amazing solutions to really protect each user but they get expensive. Working for a non-profit, I have to look at my budget and see what we can afford and how much coverage we can get for the price. We currently use Bitdefender Gravity Zone.

    Security Aweareness Training - We try to train all our users in security awareness. Whether it's spotting phishing scams, social engineering, CEO fraud, ransomware, etc. We use KnowBe4

    Auditing - We use an auditing solution that checks everything. Netwrix Auditor looks at Active Directory, Office 365, Azure, Sharepoint, Windows servers, Windows File servers, and more.

    Passwords - having good strong passwords helps and not reusing the passwords is important.