Server & storage purchasing – what’s your take?

The current economic climate has many small businesses scaling back and prioritizing need-to-haves and can-do-withouts over wants and nice-to-haves.

So when it comes to purchasing decisions with your infrastructure, we’d love to know –

  • How are you reducing cost or spending wisely around your server and/or storage purchases?
  • How can we at LenovoPRO help you in your purchasing journey?
  • What would you recommend to other small businesses based on your experience?

Please share with us and the community below! 

  • We have used DropBox and OneDrive for Business.  OneDrive for Business was less expensive since it's included in Microsoft 365, but it had limited number of files that could be stored and other issues that made it unusable.  DropBox has worked very well.

  • Many different factors but i would say performance, price, and security are up there

  • We used Dropbox for years. For a while, we had too many problems with OneDrive for Business. Microsoft finally got everything working well about 4-5 years ago. That was when we switched everyone over. Dropbox still is ahead on features that took Microsoft several years to add.

  • The cost and performance is the most important aspects of a server.  

  • For storage and backup, once this reaches a certain cost level, I would start to look closer at storing different types of data separately according to their backup requirements, so that the desired backup solution for the most important data doesn’t need the capacity to cover all of the company’s data.

  • Yeah I mean it's not the best question to really ask. Each of the factors are pretty important but usually just comes down to balancing them when selecting a solution that fits your budget

  • Although it does force you to provide an answer regarding a specific example, what was the reasoning behind about just one purchase and assuming it was actually for a specific business need? In fact, today I just purchased a tablet for me and specifically for no business needs.

  •   that is the reason I am replacing all of my servers this year.  They are all running Server 2012 and having zero issues, but they are EOL with Microsoft.  I have to replace them to maintain HIPAA compliance.