How to tell when you need a small business server

To consider or not to consider, that is the question...

Considering getting a small business server is a big deal (and can be big bucks too)! Good investments are not to be taken lightly, so we put together a few tell-tale indicators that it might be time to consider your own small business server:

A highlight of the considerations from above:

  1. You’re starting to really grow
  2. Your people need access to secure email and company-owned storage
  3. You need constant, fast access to your data
  4. You’re relying on your router to keep you safe
  5. You don’t really have a back-up plan

So what about you?

  • Do you have any suggestions or tips for considering a small business server?
  • Do you already have one and have some sage advice to offer others?
  • Maybe you have a few more questions before you take the plunge... ask away!

Please share your thoughts below! 

  • Excellent resource in the link. 
    Email - nah, go cloud based. No real need for an on-prem email server. You'll get more features and omnipresence (log in from anywhere on any device) with cloud based email. MS O365 and the paid version of Gmail are both fairly secure.
    Also, a server is good if you need to set up any kind of Active Directory structure for security or user management.

  • We have some of those questions. We are a small congregation, but starting to grow and find that sometimes because of our local internet heavy uploads into the cloud can create major connectivity issues. Would it be beneficial and cost affective to establish a local server that is for our internal network and costs associated with set up and maintenance?

  • I would not recommend a server for most churches. Unless there is specialized software that multiple people need access to while they are at the church campus. In the past, that would be church management software. From the ones I've looked at, most of them are online solutions now.

    If you are having connectivity issues it could be your Wi-Fi coverage is not adequate for the size and number of clients you have or your Internet connection speed does not meet your needs. Is your church streaming services and you are having connectivity issues? Do you use a consumer wireless router?

  • To go along with Daniel's question are you having the issue on Wi-Fi connected clients or are these hard wired?  We do all of our streaming from hard wired computers so we do not have to worry about congestion on the Wi-Fi channels.  We stream a 1080p signal and don't have any issues, but we have 1gig speed up and down.  As far as internal server I do agree with Daniel, really no need unless you have a specific software that requires it.  

  • I agree with Ray, anything critical like media stream for your services should be hardwired. I recommend a Point-to-point bridge if you cannot hardwire your streaming computer or hardware. I recommend 2 Ubiquiti AirMax Nanostation 5AC loco for $49 each. It can go up to 450Mbps which is more than enough for streaming. It operates on a different wireless network so it does not compete with the other traffic on your Wi-Fi network.