OS Preference - 2021

What is your preferred operating system and why?

We compiled your responses and this is what you said. Thank you for all your entries! 

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  • I like Windows, I have been a MS user since DOS 3.  Even with the growth of Mac OS and Linux, Windows is still the standard in business.  Most of the applications that we use daily at work will only run on Windows. I like the fact that I can choose from 100's of different hardware vendors or build my own and still run the same OS.  Linux is gaining in popularity and hardware support, but it can still be challenging for end users. I do not like the closed hardware environment enforced by Apple.  

  • Currently, Windows 10 is the most reliable system from the Windows platform. Ever since we implemented the windows 10 environment we have had fewer support calls and easier deployment.

  • My preferred OS is Windows. Over the years, Microsoft has comtinued to advance it, and so it has kept up with the best of what's available, to a reasonable degree, on other platforms, such as Linux, and Mac.

    It has a wide array of apps for both personal use and productivity. Itt also has a tremendous support, especially from enthusiast sources. The UI is quite intuitive, flexible and configurable.

    Device suppor is also amazing. We've come to take this for granted. 5 year old machines still receive OS updates. Just look at what's going on in the Android ecosystem, and you will understand what I'm saying.

    It used be that bad actors acted with impunity on the platform. Microsoft took some time to address this problem, and the OS is better hardened/protected against cyber threats.

    In all, an all-around solid OS.

  • Just out of curiosity, have you tested Windows 11?

  • Windows 10; just what I'm most familiar with.

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    Ooooo. I don't know... We are 100% a PC household and I've used Microsoft in most cases in the past. I haven't used Linux yet, so I think Microsoft! That was easier to answer than I thought - process of elimination Slight smile

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    OK. LOL. What about MacOS? Have you ever used a Mac? If yes, what do you think of it?

  • Windows is good. I prefer the server operating systems though. They are better developed, have more options, and have less junk than the normal PC operating systems. Other than that I would say Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC is the best.

  • Windows.  ease of navigation and continuity over many years