Accounting software - what do you use?

Accounting software. What do you use? How does it help you manage your business?

  • In house.

    Actually we hired, way back when, various* software developers to develop for our industry (construction), all of whom failed, then finally found a software developer, who we eventually partnered up with.

    They, the programing end, us the additional specific knowledge in the construction end.

    Software is still in use today. Eventually my father extended any number of parts of the program, & I keep it current (where needed).

    How does it manage, it does it all. Payables, receivables, payroll, job cost, G/L... All integrated.

    Estimating, my father did.

    Seems that expectations today are that one uses "quick books" or adp or some such, & when you say, "no, I do it myself", they can't understand how that could be.

    Like if someone didn't do it for you, it couldn't be done.

    (*We did literally have rocket scientists that attempted. Worked for us, in Maryland, & would fly out to JPL in California to work on rockets & such. Problem was, they were too smart. Literally geniuses, but not in the line of programming we needed.)

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