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We have about 40 Thinkpads and plan to add several more.  I really like the functionality of the Vantage app, but it is a bit of a hassle to track down the computer and run it to check for updates.  Is there some type of centralized management console for Vantage commercial?  I think that something like WSUS that Microsoft has would be a great tool.  

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  • Hey ! I am glad to hear you're enjoying the functionality of the Vantage app! However, I can only imagine the hassle you described. 

    I did look into your question about a type of centralized management console for Vantage commercial. I discovered that there is not (and that it is managed via group policy). I liked your idea a lot though and I have passed along your insights to the proper persons Blush

    I am sure you are already very familiar with it, so I will just add it here for ease of access Vantage Commercial Admin Guide on the off chance it comes in handy.

  • I am a little unsure of your answer.  You said there is not, but that it is managed by group policy.  

  • Hmm, before I put my foot in my mouth, let me dig a little deeper and get back to you Innocent Thanks for your patience Ray

  • Hey ! Sorry for the unclear answer. My colleague Brandon is much more knowledgeable in this area, so I am gonna let you two connect. I will share more offline. Thanks for your patience!

  • I take it that your ThinkPads are running Windows? WSUS or Intune are probably your best bets.

  • I was googling this on the web and guess where it took me. Here!   did you get a resolution on this? I'm setting up Intune to manage updates but I would also like insight on the battery condition without having hands-on or remotely controlling the device to run Vantage Commercial.

  • Hey Dan,

    I use Tactical RMM to manage PC's

    You can use the scripting to automatically check the battery health. It does a few other things too. Wink