Lenovo Servers

I am going to have to purchase a new server in the next couple of months.  Other than one unfortunate purchase of an HP server, I have always used Dell servers.  They have always run for years with almost 100% uptime.  I have been happy with the Lenovo laptops and desktop I have purchase over the last 5 years so I am going to look at Lenovo servers.  Anyone that has experience with them, please tell me the good, the bad, and the ugly. I will never purchase another HP server again.  They had proprietary firmware on the hard drives.  If you bought the exact same hard drive direct from the manufacturer, instead of HP (at three times the price), it would make all of the fans run at 100% all the time.   


    I only have experience with clients' servers.  And I only work on their software solutions (including some OS work)—never the hardware, directly.

    My clients all seem to choose Dell.  Although, some servers I've neither seen nor run inxi -M on.

    The closest I've ever come to a home office server—a dual-Xeon workstation, which I repurposed as a development server.  I still have it.  But, I removed it from service over 10 years ago.

    I'm curious to see how others reply.  Do we have plenty of I.T. professionals on Lenovo's Pro Community?  Or do we represent the more exotic class of community member?

    Good luck!

  • Haha there's a good crew of IT Pros here in the Community for sure. Clap 

  • That's awesome Ray! Daniel, Jason & RickkeeC actually just recently added their thoughts on Lenovo servers vs. Dell. Maybe you may find something there helpful?

    Otherwise, this library of customer stories could be a nice browse. This one reminded me of you and the hospital. 

  • I have been very happy with Lenovo servers. I did not have a good experience with HP servers and the support I got. I have ordered five separate servers in the past 9 years from CDW(2and Lenovo (3). Three are rack-mounted servers (ThinkServer RD650 and 2 ThinkSystem SR635) and two tower-servers (ThinkServer TS140 & ThinkSystem ST50 V2). I have installed third-party SSD drives our SR635 and RD650 without any issues. The two SR635 and ST50 V2 all have RAM from Lenovo. The earlier ones were Crucial RAM. The price difference was $50-100 for Lenovo vs Crucial RAM so I just opted for Lenovo and not worry.