ST50 Server - How to add 3rd hard drive as hot spare or RAID-5.

No matter what I config, I can only seem to get two SSD's or HDD's in the ST50.
It is $1000 more to move up to ST250
Is there any option or part to allow 3 storage devices?  (Would prefer 4 so one could be used as a non-raid internal backup.)
RAID5 is not an option for this box, although I know the 5350-8i PCIe RAID Adapter can handle it.

Also, the Bah Humbug Server Configurator does not offer SSD greater than 980GB.   I need me a trio of  1.84 SSD's to do whats (sic) I needs to do (sic,lol).

This is a sweet little box.  I configure it like I need it at Da-***.com but LENO support has been s so much better since I dumped Da-*** several years ago.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

  • If you use the Advanced Builder you can add a 2nd HDD cage (Drive Bay 2) and a 3rd HDD cage (Drive Bay 3) but they still only offer up to two drives. I think the ST50 is the entry-level server which is why they have limited options on storage. The ST250 v2 will give you all the options you want and more but unfortunately, it's at a higher price.