VPN for Newbies: Do you use? Why? Favorite options? Work/Home/Business?

Are you new to VPNs? What is a Virtual Private Network? Do you need one for your home or business?

Are you an expert VPN user? Can you share your insight with new users to help them figure out:

  • Do you need a VPN for your small business?
  • How much does it cost to have a VPN? Is it worth it?
  • Which option should you go with - any recommendations to narrow the choices?
  • What are the pros and cons of having a VPN?

Share your questions, thoughts and comments with your fellow members below!

  • Interesting Topic,

    I my self is not a VPN user but heard a lot about it. Lets see what the experts has to say Slight smile

  • I cannot use a VPN with any of the platforms I use to teach. I have used a VPN while I was traveling.

  • I have not used a VPN before, but I would like to learn more if it is something I should be using.

  • Couple types of VPN use - office remote access and browsing obscurity/netflix region skipping.

    For remote access, it's a great tool and very useful when needed.  It is how I support many of the nonprofits that I consult with.

    For obscurity, I'm not concerned.  And, if I had time to watch a lot of netflix, it might be useful to find shows that are not available in my region, but that is honestly too much work :).

  • For those of you that don't know what a VPN is.  It is an encrypted tunnel through the internet that people can't see what traffic is traveling through it.  If you work remotely and need to connect to a main office it is an essential tool.  You can VPN into the corporate network and it is just like you are sitting inside the building with full access to everything on the network. If you are travelling or on any public network it is also good because you have no idea what type of monitoring or malicious activity someone else is doing on that network.  Several of the commercial VPN companies are setup so that a virtual server is brought up when you connect and then it deletes all logs when you disconnect so there is no record of what you have done.  Like Matt S said, it can also make it appear that you are in a different country, you can choose what country you want to connect to based on the server that the company offers.  I have been using Express VPN for several years with no complaints.  

  • I do not use a VPN because:

    1. I don't know how much I can trust the VPN provider.
    2. I don't want any slowdown in my internet speed.
    3. I don't want any additional complexity or to have new point of failure.
    4. It (usually) costs money.

    I am not hard against using a VPN, but for me the benefits do not outweigh the downsides.

  • Most of the larger VPN providers are independently tested by third parties including law enforcement.  I have been using a VPN for years and never noticed a slow down .  If it does fail you are just back where you are now.  There is small cost, I pay 100 per year for Express VPN.  

  • VPN for me is work issued and mandatory to connect to our HQ..  we use checkpoint and seems to work well 

  • I just saw this deal being offered for anyone that is interested in trying out a VPN.  Proton is one of the higher rated ones.  www.engadget.com/protonvpn-plans-are-up-to-60-percent-off-in-a-black-friday-deal-153355317.html