AI software: Adoption, thoughts, uses?

With new generative AI features being added and advanced in business solutions like Google Workspace, Office and Grammerly what do you think about the rising use of AI to accomplish work and life tasks?

  • Are you a fan of AI? Why or why not? Does it make you excited, nervous, intrigued?
  • Do you regularly use AI tools to accomplish your tasks currently?
  • What are you most & least looking forward to about the increasing presence of AI in our lives?
  • What do you think would be the impact on your workload or processes if you leveraged more AI tools?

 Please drop a vote in the poll and share your thoughts below!

  • I am a huge fan of AI. I love to brainstorm and also to tell something, the AI to draw for me. I dissuade my students from using it for writing essays for schools .I use AI to write advertisements for me. I use it to write brainstorming ideas for email and curriculum writing. I think it is a great tool because we just can put in a few words and AI can generate thousands of ideas to dress up a conversation. One must still be able to read through for mistakes that can occur due to grammar mistakes that are generate using AI. AI really cannot discern the active and passive voice as of yet.

    A person must be able to know and understand grammar so that they are clearly understood. Original thought is hard to replace. 

    My workload has gotten easier using AI.

  • I love and hate AI.  I can see it uses like Judith listed. I can also see it being used in malicious ways.  Instead of a hacker having to spend hours or days trying to break into something, they can just unleash AI and have full access within a few minutes. The way it is being used to create photos is going to put people out of jobs.  I think we should limit it to the boring and mundane tasks that people don't want to do. Let it figure out how to clean up the environment, or solve world hunger.

  • AI makes life much easier. You can leave the calculations to them and focus more on other important stuff.

  • Using Lenovo, AI, Shopify, and dropshipping, I created two businesses in a week! 

  • I would resume : 

    Learning Period : I am Anti - AI

    Working Period : I am Pro - AI

  • AI is a significant timesaver for me.  However, like any tool, you need to learn to use it appropriately.  Crafting prompts is as important as deciding what to research/brainstorm or develop.

  • Dall-E is handy, since I'm not an artist, but it takes a lot of effort to get anything usable. Major concerns about the ethics of using AI trained on copyrighted information.

    Despite the software industry's headlong rush into AI, I haven't see any other appealing use cases yet.

  • I don't see a direct use for AI in my life.  I guess I like to have more control over what I am doing.  That may change when it becomes more ubiquitous and can no longer be ignored.

  • us it to build idea content for direct mail messages.. it a quicker start to this process. 

  • Yes, I love AI.  I think we need to embrace it, and we need to use it to make us more efficient at our jobs.  AI has allowed me to research and find complete programming answers along with integration hurdle help that has saved me days of researching, programming, and implementation.  It can never fully replace a human since it still needs your help to identify it's faults, readjust the request parameters, and make any changes necessary to fully implement whatever it is that you are seeking to do.  I was able to fully integrate a secure video platform for sharing private corporate board meetings between my Portal server and Amazon S3.  You should not be writing procedures, policies, and any corporate compliance documents without first using OpenAI / ChatGPT to lay out draft work for you.  This will save you a lot of headache and it will help build the groundwork for a fairly uniform approach in policy development.