Coworking space with kids

Does anyone use a coworking space? What do you like/not like about the space? Or what would you look for in a space? 

What are your thoughts on a coworking space in conjunction with a children's play area?

  • I have considered co-working spaces off and on over the years I've worked remotely. I think they are a great idea and I think your idea of a co-working space in conjunction with a children's play area is awesome. 

    Do you use a co-working space Anna? What is your experience? Maybe I'll try and connect with my local one here (I live in a pretty remote/rural area and I was greatly surprised when I discovered one popped up within a half hour of me!). 

    I think they would be great for getting out of the house - LOL! Working remotely, I don't get that face-to-face interaction with other professionals as I would if I was closer to our office for hybrid working. I miss the connection and conversation that can happen in an office space sometimes. 

  • I do not have one and would not like to have one. I think it will create chaos with too many things going on at once. It would be distracting.

  • I like the idea of a coworking space, but I've never used one outside of a library or university. I'd want a space with a clearly defined desk area for myself (as opposed to one shared table), power outlets and a reliable internet connection. Also, it would need to be well-lit and preferably with enough windows so that I don't feel like I'm shut up in a box.

    Combining a play area sounds convenient for those who watch their children and work, but I can't even make that happen at home most of the time as is so I personally would not use that sort of space.