Avoiding Declined Credit Charges?

I feel like this question could fit into any number of categories/groups in the Community, but here goes:

Has anyone had experience with having somewhat regular charges declined on a business credit card due to suspected fraudulent/suspicious activity? And do you have any tips on how to avoid it? I have recently had a number of similar recurring charges for larger amounts (in hundreds and thousands of dollars) in international settings be declined automatically and then having to go through the lengthy process to call in each time to unlock my account and reprocess the charges with the original vendor. I am glad that my credit card company is proactive in trying to protect my account, but as I have to keep calling in for the same thing and it's being caught on a business card account for legitimate expenses, I'm also finding the situation really frustrating as it's creating more work for something that shouldn't be happening.

Perhaps it is because of the international nature of my work in the field of translation that inherently complicates things (as I both travel internationally and also make transactions with international vendors), but I would love it if anyone had advice on ways to keep this from happening, especially if you have personal experience with issues like this. I would think that a business account usually would be expected to have more regular charges and at higher amounts than a personal account, but perhaps I'm wrong in this assumption.

  • i'd contact the company directly to see what they suggest

  • Thanks for the reply,  . Hopefully this doesn't happen again.

  • Thanks for the reply,  . Hopefully this doesn't happen again.

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