Preferred bookkeeping software

With many solid options out there, what is your preferred bookkeeping software? Why? Please share with the community below!
  • QuickBooks for now. Not sure on the future.

  • My preferred bookkeeping software is QuickBooks. I prefer it because it is easy to use and navigate, especially for those unfamiliar with bookkeeping software. Additionally, the customer service is excellent, and they are always willing to help with whatever questions I have.

  • QuickBooks for Business, for personal

  •  I really wanted to like Mint, but when I tried it they did not have the ability to send paper checks.  I do all my bill pay online and they could only send payments to people that accept online payments.  Some small vendors do not accept online and still requite paper checks.  If they get that sorted I might go back to them.  

  • I love Wave ( because it's super easy to use, free, and accessible from anywhere. It works great for keeping track of my side gigs.

    For personal, my wife and I use YNAB. It's simply the best and well worth the price.

  • We use Quickbooks Online.  I'm not sure any other vendors have the amount of integrations and services of Quickbooks Online.  They are a bit large and hard to work with when there are issues, of which we have had many.  But having everything in one place saves a lot of time.

  • Many years ago, I used Microsoft Money. I miss it.

    More recently, I have utilized MS Excel. However, it is not the same.

    I have programmed my own setup, it is not where I want it to be right now, work to be done.

  • quicken works well for myu small business.