Woman you admire

In celebration of National Women’s Small Business Month this October, we want to hear - who is a woman you admire (in business or life) and why?

Please comment below to share with the community!

  • I didn't know of her but I admire her now too

  • Cheryl Sartor, a Mary Kay top Director.  She showed me there are other women out there that truly support other women and want to see others be successful.  Even outside her own business, she was willing to network, share ideas and help lift up other women.

  • I agree with Assia. I admire many small business owners both men and women. I personally have men and women mentors and don't admire one over the other because of gender. 

  • I'm a big fan of Brandi Carlilie who is definitely talented and successful and uses her platform and success to raise other performers up. She's realized that success is not a finite pie and honestly, I think it's a good business model too. She gets a lot more exposure and a lot of PR just for being a good person.

  • I would say my wife is pretty amazing in both business and personal sides of life - she's excelled so much at the positions she's held and is a really kind yet hard worker, and she carries herself the same way outside of her work roles in our family life together as a wife and mother as well as with her friends and peers in her personal life. She is definitely my better half, and I admire her for it.

  • There are many women I admire for a wide variety of reasons. I think the one I admire most is the one I married.

    She's a spectacular example of a woman who makes positive change happen wherever she goes. 

  • My daughter who is strong and tough. She will do great things in this world!