Woman you admire

In celebration of National Women’s Small Business Month this October, we want to hear - who is a woman you admire (in business or life) and why?

Please comment below to share with the community!

  • My daughter, for becoming her own self.

  • Thank you for sharing this.  I so completely agree but would not have put it so eloquently.  There is so much to admire a person for if one takes the time to see the qualities a person brings to the table.

  • My wife. She earns a bit more than I do annually, but she has put herself through a lot of tough roles to get to the position she's in. I'm not as organized or analytical as she is on my best day. She's a better manager of people and of data. I wish I had more of her virtues and top skills. 

  • Michelle O'Bama.  Always taking the high road when the others made undue attacks.  Sadly, I cannot think of another woman currently in the political spotlight that I could say I admire.  I work in a small business that does not have a real hierarchy of management and staff, but I do work with several women that have a great work ethic and take pride in their results.   

  • I've known Brenda Faithful for several years as a library branch manager and then library system director.  She works very hard getting the libraries in her system what they need.  

    She has also been able to bring the libraries back into County government and make them an actual part of the county rather that some little afterthought that was better off ignored.

  • Glenda Cleveland. She may not have been a business woman but she took care of business where it mattered. "Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story"

  • A special recognition to all the awesome woman that choose their kids over their career, it takes courage and absolute dedication, probably one of the most significant acts of love and selflessness.

  • It's my mom.  She grew up in a poor family and received limited education.  But there is no limit to anyone for achieving the life goals.  She did lots of self-learning and became a small business owner, which also provided job opportunities to our community.  I admire her courage and persistence for the success and influence.

  • I feel exactly the same about my mom.  Unfortunately she left us far too young at 54.  A victim of *** cancer even after being in remission for 10 years.  The 0.1% who recur.