Website management - do you manage yourself or hire?

Websites are a critical part of doing business in the modern world. With seemingly unlimited options to create and manage yourself or hire, what have you decided on?

Have a favorite website vendor or web designer? If you've experience both, do you have a preference? 

Please share below!

  • I currently manage it myself, that is why it is a very simple design.  As funds allow I plan on paying someone to create a more professional site.  I attempted to do it myself and got stuck with analysis paralysis.  So many options to choose from I could never decide.  I went with Smugmug for my photo website.  They limit your options so it is much easier to get a site up and running.  

  • I completed both of my websites myself. Weebly makes it easy.

  • SmugMug - I haven't heard of it but I like the name. You highlight a great point - less options but easier to get up and running! 

  • I haven't used Weebly myself yet, but I do love the build-your-own websites. 

  • We create and manage our own. I don't think its less costly this way - it's more of a hidden cost due to the time we spend.

  • I have created are own and also have created several for clients, I use Siteground for the hosting and Wordpress for the framework, works very well.

  • Time spent - wise asset to count that is easily missed...

  • That's great! How cool you do some web work as well!