Social for business - do you use? (Plus, swapping info)

Do you use social media to promote your business and connect with your customers, clients or partners?

What channels do you have and how do you manage them? Do you seen any ROI on your time or money? For that matter, do you do any social media marketing or paid ads? What is your experience?

Also, please share your business social info (if you like) so we can swap and share! 

If you are not a small business owner - do you like interacting with businesses on social media?

  • I am from the generation of texting and messaging, and I like the ability to message a business using something like Facebook messenger

  • I am just starting out with social marketing for my photography business.  Ray Glenn Photography on Facebook and Instagram.  I have received several inquires but no sales yet.  

  • We've used social to keep our brand out there in front of donors. It hasn't been a silver bullet for any marketing campaign. 

  • I like the idea of Social Media as a way to communicate with customers or prospects, but unfortunately all of the major social media companies have decided to use their companies to promote addiction to their products and to manipulate people in every major issue of the day to their political leaning (always liberal socialist).  Censorship is the new norm and I'm afraid these companies look more like the KGB in Russia or the Chinese Communist Party than the freedom promoted by the USA Founders.  I don't want to make every topic political, but unfortunately, these companies decided to make it that way.  So I stay away from Social Media, and I'm so much happier.

  • I think social media can work well for some businesses, is a nice addition for others, and probably should not be touched by yet others. One thing which causes me to cringe is when the social media page for a business becomes the page for the business. I think that's a misuse of social media for business (SMfB?) and can even put your business at the mercy of whatever platform you're relying on.

    That said, I wonder if there is a way to better use social media to promote myself/own business. But, given my current usage and client base, I just don't see the benefit given the trade-offs. So I imagine one day I'll have an official business page on LinkedIn or Twitter or Instragram or whatever the current fad is, but that is not the case for me right now.

  • I agree social media pages as the main page is a recipe for disaster.  With the way Facebook has been making changes you could lose access to everything on their whim.  I think social media is a good way to send people to your website.  

  • The best social media marketing sites are those that are most pertinent to your business. For example, if you sell cars, then you would want to be on automotive-focused sites like Car and Driver or Motor Trend. If you're a restaurant, you'd want to be on Yelp and Facebook. The important thing is to find the sites where your customers are already spending their time and to make sure your presence there is engaging and valuable. I use Adsense and Facebook ads with great success.

  • I don't personally use my social media to advertise my workplace but I know my organization does. We like to use Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn!

  • I like interacting with businesses on social media.  I see a lot of their products and ideas.

  • I have had that happen to myself and to others (luckily for me, I had only started a page a few weeks ago). 

    And I agree that it is not for everyone. To really put strategy behind a professional channel and see ROI on the time takes a lot of effort and consistency.