Is e-commerce part of your business? Why/why not?

Not every business or service makes sense online - you can't ship your customers everything. BUT! You can use your digital presence to generate new business, establish your personal brand and more. 

So, do you leverage a website, digital presence, social media or e-commerce strategies or grow, advance or maintain your business? 

Please share in the comments below. 

  • We have a Facebook page and a website. We definitely need to work on a strategy to market ourselves a little better, though. We're not in an industry with e-commerce, but utilizing social media and a digital presence to better share our community is something we need to work on.

  • Online information is essential

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    I fall into the same situation. 

  • Not really… I provide services, not goods 

  • I don't sell services online per se. Customers can schedule consultations online, which ultimately result in an invoice, but it's not like selling a tangible product. But what has made life so much easier is being able to do online billing and payments easily. Being able to automate recurring invoices and send other invoices anytime, so customers need only tap Pay Now and either use a card on file or enter another one. Billing consists of two annoying parts: preparing/sending the bills and collecting the payments. I can't completely automate nonrecurring invoices, but it's relatively quick to prepare them using a standard set of services. As soon as I approve the invoice, it gets sent automatically to the client. They get reminders every few days leading up to the payment due date, and if they miss the due date, they'll get even more reminders. All I have to do is watch for the notification that someone has paid, and follow up on the occasional nonpayment.

  • We don't have a traditional e-commerce setup,  We are a residential community, so you need to be on-site to purchase our services.  We do use many different platforms to help engage our residents and find future opportunities.

  • always try to tied up but its hard to do at a time.

  • E-commerce is a very small part of our business but website, social media and digital presences are  a very large part.

  • No - we are word of mouth at the moment - and plenty busy. 

    Kind of nice to have that feeling if we NEEDED or WANTED to expand - we could get into marketing and probably take off somewhat, though

  • That's amazing that you are totally WOM and plenty busy! What is your secret sauce?