Is e-commerce part of your business? Why/why not?

Not every business or service makes sense online - you can't ship your customers everything. BUT! You can use your digital presence to generate new business, establish your personal brand and more. 

So, do you leverage a website, digital presence, social media or e-commerce strategies or grow, advance or maintain your business? 

Please share in the comments below. 

  • There is no way to stay out of the digital market if you want to survive today as a company. The idea of "digital marketing" is a clear version and that the entire market is being focused on these activities, but many people still have no idea how to work with the analytical data they need to better choose social channels and their audiences.

    Personally, I do a lot of training and attigo readings to be able to improve this in my business.

  • Absolutely. our website is first and foremost in this arena

  • I wouldn't call it a strategy, but we sell almost entirely online. That's just easiest, and where the buyers are.

  • Our business is entirely eCommerce. Our business and domain name are very easy to remember, and directly reflect the product we have available to purchase. ""
    Any customer in need of marine grade vinyl is likely to happen upon our site, and by maintaining a top ranking on Google, we are a top result for any upholstery fabric search. On top of marketing and ease of search, we strive to provide quick and efficient service to all 3rd party sellers of our product (Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, eBay), so that we maintain a top ranking there and can reach the largest customer base possible.
    Social media groups in our specific industry have helped us to run sales and get customers talking about our product, and we maintain a modest social media presence so that our customers know what we're offering, and they can get new ideas for projects involving our product lines.
    All-in-all, you have to spend money (and time) to make money. Don't be afraid to fork over those advertising fees, and make sure you stay on top of multiple areas of marketing.

  • we maintain a website, however, it is not used for ecommerce

  • Yes, use of digital assets is very important to my business.

  • My primary source for technical consulting contracts is from well establish networks. Do not use e-commerce.

  • We don't use websites to promote or expand our business.  Our business is very private and repeat customers only.

  • Selling a popular products with a discounts on them with further support is a good strategy!