Is e-commerce part of your business? Why/why not?

Not every business or service makes sense online - you can't ship your customers everything. BUT! You can use your digital presence to generate new business, establish your personal brand and more. 

So, do you leverage a website, digital presence, social media or e-commerce strategies or grow, advance or maintain your business? 

Please share in the comments below. 

  • Our primary source of new business is organic searches of our website.  I found that building good quality content brings organic searches and return visitors to the website that eventually turn into new business.

  • No e-commerce for us....but I for my side hustle I leverage EVERYTHING I can....web presence, Social Media, stickers, etc. As they say, any publicity is good publicity! 

  • We cut people open for a living (surgery center) so no e-commerce at the day job.  I do e-commerce for my photography side gig. 

  • At our non-profit, our online donations are an important part of our fundraising. We don't have many in-person donation opportunities, so many of our donations are sent through either mail or online.

    We use a website, digital presence, and social media, but not e-commerce.

  • Mope, we're not. We use food delivery apps like uber and grab 

  • We primarily use our digital space to promote our programming versus self promoting.

  • Our e-commerce is limited to taking donations for my nonprofits, and  We do keep a social media presence, but not something that we track on a daily basis.  More like once a week/month.

  • Nope, not really our industry (e-commerce). We are trying to build out better digital presences, including the website and social media sides, but not to sell tangible things. Ours is a service-based industry.

  • We do not provide or offer online sales as I work with Medical Centers and Healthcare Practices. Although, we do have a presence via Websites, 3 major social media platforms as well in order to market our presence and services provided.