2022 small business trends

As 2022 looks to crest it's half-way hump, how are you seeing current trends shake out in your small business?

The world keeps distancing itself (in various degrees) from heavy COVID-19 lock-downs, mask requirements and more - everyone is ready to travel, get married and get social again. 

Please share your thoughts below and see what trends other businesses are seeing and responding to!

  • With the over reaction to COVID, such as unnecessary lockdowns, shutting down of businesses, and government excessive spending, we're starting to see the results in severe inflation that is hurting the youngest and poorest in the world.  This will likely continue to get worse for at least a few years to come.  This was all avoidable, but will be much worse than COVID in the long term.  We're seeing it currently with our industry laying off 80% of their employees due to the market influence of the US Fed lowering interest rates to unsustainable levels, and then being forced to raise them well above where they started out in order to push back against the systemic inflation and stagnation that it has created.

    I tend to be very optimistic, but this is unfortunately not going to go away any time soon and we are all going to be directly affected and know people that are seriously affected by this in the coming years.  This was a state and federal government created disaster of epic proportions and our government leaders that implemented these mandates need to be held accountable.

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