I Could Really Use Your Opinion on My New Logo Design...

I could REALLY use some feedback from normal people who aren't related to me or others who I think may be giving me the answer they think I want to hear.

I'm just starting out in my small business endeavors and created a custom logo for my business, but can't decide which color scheme I like the best. The question is quite simple, however being the absolute PERFECTIONIST that I am, I cannot seem to make up my mind one way or the other.

#1 or #2?

   #1                                   THESE TWO...                                  #1   

Blueish Gray Logo On White Background

Blueish Gray Logo On Dark Background

__#2                             OR, THESE TWO...                            #2   

Redish-Purpleish Gray Logo On White BackgroundRedish-Purpleish Gray Logo On Dark Background

  • I prefer the first one. The second one has a purple tone to me. 

  • Hey Matthew! This is a great use of the boards for sure and a great place to get some feedback!

    I agree with T Smith. The first one looks best - the dark grey-blue color. The second does look more brown/purple. The design might also hold well in black too. 

    A note on color and design - think about what your logo would look like on merchandise, print, signage and swag. Having an all white, all black or all solid color version will help keep printing costs low with less colors. Keep your multi-colored one for general use, just have a nice fall back if the time comes. Gradients are beautiful but can be expensive sometimes to capture in embroidery or foil stamping (think branded packaging, embossed logos, etc.) so that is another consideration. For digital purposes, you should be good. 

    I love the font choice and descriptor line - makes it super clear and easy to distinguish what you do and that is just what a logo should be. The icon is clearly a printer so that is a nice pick as well. 

    I am not 100% sure what the symbol in 747 is there for. I think it's super clear and clever that it resembles an "i" in the FIRM part of the logo. But does it read 7147? 7i47? Is there a special time at 7:47 or meaning you are wanting to convey? Etc. If this is a technical reference, it might be missed (by people like me? lol). Just a bit distracting from the rest of the design. 

    Otherwise, on the whole, great job creating your own logo and starting out on your own small business endeavors! Very exciting. Very glad to be part of the journey with you and support however we can. 

  • To be honest, from a marketing perspective, the color differences are irrelevant. You should have variations of your logo, from black and white to other colors to adjust based on needs of any graphical media you create (i.e. print, social media, etc.). Use something with a white background initially so it can be transparent and have the most universal usage. Then you can have a version with inverted colors and don't have a background color (it would be transparent) but have a white (font and graphic) logo so it can stand out on any color.

    Background: I have a Masters in Marketing, have designed thousands of logos, and have created thousands of social media graphics, print publications, marketing material, etc. for non-profits, Fortune 100s, and startups.

  • Yes, it is a reference to the time "7:47" which holds significance to me and will be explained on my website extensively as I foresee this being a highly asked question. So I wanted to be a little clever and make the 'i' lower case. What I ended up doing was making the 'i' really short in 'FiRM' and then flipping it for the semi-colon in "7:47'. I love logos that add a lot of little details and play off of different elements within the same logo. There are also a couple other meanings going on in this logo design that I won't go into detail about. I prefer letting the users find their own meanings in this type of artwork and it's always very interesting to hear others' inputs on what each part of a logo means to them.

    I suppose I should have specified that this logo is mainly for web, and I do have MANY other versions that I will be using across different spaces and print materials. I should have also mentioned that for the past 13+ years I've been practicing Web Design, Development, SEO and Online Marketing for small and medium business of all different sizes as I worked for about half of that time at various digital media firms where I would usually complete at least 10-15 website and logo 1st time designs/redesigns each year. So this is definitely an area I feel comfortable in as far as the different logo styles, file types, resolutions for print and online, etc. I just really like to get as many people's input on logos as I possibly can for every logo I make even after 13 years of doing it. After a certain amount of time staring at the same logos for tens of hours over 2 - 4 weeks, my eyes have a hard time "seeing" the logo as others would for the first time or even for the 50th time since I'm going on the 500th+ time seeing it in it's 30th variation if you know what I mean. ;-)

    Since I've already been refurbishing and reselling printers for a while, I've been able to build a pretty sweet inventory of personal printers, ink/toner cartridges, large banner/print surfaces, etc. so I'm not too worried about the costs involved with various logo colors or types. Although that is a good point about the gradients as I could see those still being a drain on my business accounts if I decide to attend any trade-shows as my business grows (hopefully).

    GREAT INPUT! THANKS YOU GUYS!! I will definitely have some more topics I will be asking for your input on in the future.

    Oh and before I go, I guess I should share the final web logo choice I made which is slightly different from what I posted here. I always felt like it was missing something, but couldn't put my finger on it until this morning. After making that slight update where I added an analog clock to the piece of paper that is set to "7:47", I now feel like the logo is complete! Thanks again!

    7:47 F;RM7:47 F;RM

  • I realize this. I was mainly just trying to test out this whole LenovoPro Community Forum type thing and was hoping to score some extra rewards points. Just trying to see what it's all about and if it has potential to help me in the future with issues or questions I might have. 

    I'm super stoked to see that there are experts of your caliber who are active on these forums!  And you have the same last name as my cousin and her husband, by marraige, so DOUBLE POINTS for you!!! 

  • If her husband's last name is Gailes, then we are probably distant cousins.  So, introduce us.  And feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • Amazing! Love it all. Really excited for you Matthew (and glad you are posting and seeing what can happen in the community - that is what it is here for!). 

  • +1 for the first one (grey-blue one).