What are you as business owners doing to encourage your employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

  • I am having a drawing for all employees that have gotten vaccinated, the winner will get $200.00 and a paid day off.

  • That is a good idea. Are you asking to verify the CDC card?

  • We have a sender fitted Sanitizer Machine at the entrance of office. Although our office is not open, following the health guidelines and respecting the situation in South Asian county. Everyone is instructed to use masks and whole office is sanitized. We hope this ends soon.

  • We have hand sanitizer dispensers at every door and require masks. We sanitize all high-touch areas a couple of times a day. We are considered an essential business so we have been open thru it all.

    We all hope this over soon.

  • HR suggests it is may not be a good idea talking about medial records and essentially those who are getting the vaccine can only participate (equal opportunity) Of course there are nuances here and there. Maybe rewording it can help.

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    There is equal opportunity for everyone if they chose to get vaccinated.

  • We also have HEPA air filters, with UV lights and needlepoint bi-polar ionization generator in air conditioning and heat equipment.

  • Nothing.

    Do or don't is up to the individual.