What do you do for digital marketing?

Hey Small Biz folks! 

I'm working on creating a guide about digital marketing for small businesses for our community here and I wanted to hear from you... 

1. What do you do for digital marketing? 

This could be... 

  • email marketing
  • paid ads
  • flyers & mailers
  • direct outreach (like cold pitching)
  • social media (like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter/X, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • affiliates
  • funnels
  • SEO content
  • public relations (PR)
  • podcasting
  • TV or Radio

2. And, if you have a sec - What do you/your small biz struggle with when it comes to digital marketing? 

Thanks y'all! 

  • Hey   This is an amazing question and I can't wait to see what folks say. 

  • I use Jasper.ai mixed with Surfer.ai to produce paid ads, You tube videos, Global videos on many foreign social media outlets. Local newspapers and Nextdoor.com is fun to advertise with too. I do not have any struggles because I can have all the videos easily translated and have captions attached.

  • I mostly do direct outreach, social media, websites, and SEO content. Although, I've also done interviews on podcasting as well. I'm currently looking into starting an email list. Maybe there will be some good recommendations for doing so posted later on in the thread.

  • I don't any marketing at all.  All my work is for existing clients and word-of-mouth.

  • Affiliates, email marketing and direct outreach

  • In my experience:

    • Email marketing gets little response, but it can be assertive and help close some easy deals.

    • Paid ads work on social media, but they are more related to followers than sales itself.

    • Flyers and mailers never worked. 

    • Direct outreach is the most effective, but also the most time consuming. 

    • Social media is good to create bonds and relationship, but not so much to increase revenue. 

    • SEO never worked for me, even though I tried and followed all the best practices. 

    • Haven't tried the other ones.

  • I hand that off to others! Seriously, I'd be out of my element. Altho our marketing team and I meet often to strategize. 

  • I do not do any digital marketing other than paid listings on a few different property rental websites. I have a friend who uses SEO services, but considering that he is always jumping around from SEO to SEO I do not think they are very effective for his business.