2022 business goals

2021 has come to a close but not without it's own unique sets of challenges and triumphs. Although it was not quite so drastic as 2020, 2021 continued to present the need for some major pivoting to stay afloat. I think everyone is ready for a new year. 

So, what business goals have you excited for 2022? Have your goals shifted from their previous trajectories or have they stayed the same?

Let us know in the comments below and Happy New Year!

  • Getting more familiar with container technology.

  • My new year's goal is to complete my degree and take my licensure test!

  • Agree - Spend more time with my family

  • As a freelance communicator who ghostwrites blog episodes for business leaders, I plan to encourage executives to build-in messages of kindness and cooperation. Leadership is as leadership does. I believe it's incumbent on leaders everywhere to show by example what we do not see coming from politicians at the state and national level. I think it's possible to build-in encouraging messages in nearly every executive communication format. 

    And every individual can practice the same. Kindness and empathy are natural for humans. Spread it around, pay it forward.

  • Build a new Center for Coastal Ecology in Huntington Beach.

  • Deploy more security for Work  (I get it I'm a work acholic!!)

  • Be a kinder person instead of a grumpy technician.