Social platforms and strategy

What social media platforms do you use for your business (or personal life) & why?

Do you manage the social media strategy for your business or organization?

  • What do you like most about it?
  • What do you like least about it?
  • What are your most pressing questions in crafting a strong strategy and creating content that your audience will enjoy?
  • What tools, if any, do you use to manage that?

Please share your thoughts and experience with the community below!

  • This is one of my weaker areas, marketing. 

    I do think a company should have a strategy. A detailed strategy that is cross-platform, selecting the correct platform for various options or opportunities would make sense.

    Leveraging targeted marketing would be nice, however internationally, I would imagine there would be concerns, such as with privacy and the EU.

    The news reports that the GDPR recently turned 5-years old. There have been several high profile lawsuits or fees against businesses due to infringing or breaking this law/standard.

    So, there is some risk there too.

    I look forward to advice from others who know more in this area! Slight smile

  • Mastodon. We still have some Twitter legacy, but are rapidly giving up on it.

  • I don’t use that much social media… maybe I got the period wrong Thinking

    I work more via à direct contact or the word of mouth.

    The social media that I am able to use is LinkedIn to present my services and to be in contact with potentiel clients. 

  • I dont use it much for business but for personal use I use a mix of Facebook (Mainly for Marketplace), Instagram (To connect with friends), twitter (To keep up with the world)

  • BeReal: I like seeing my friends lives, even the boring times. To them, it's not worth posting on other social media sites, but it's still interesting to the rest of us.

    Twitter: I keep it pretty fun and light-hearted as well as I can. It can become very negative if I'm not careful which accounts I follow.

    Facebook: I enter. I check my family's private group. I leave, hopefully unscathed by the madmen who've taken over my news feed.

    Goodreads Book: The best, the smartest, the most undeniably cool spot on the internet. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to have seen an update since the late 90's by my estimation.

  • As an individual responsible for managing the social media strategy, I face unique challenges. What I like most is that I can directly engage with our target audience and create content that resonates with them. On the other hand, what I like least is the time and resources it takes to create creative, engaging, and appealing content. As a result, my most pressing questions in crafting a strong strategy and creating content are how to make the most of our resources, optimize content for different social media platforms, and evaluate our efforts in terms of reach and engagement. I like to go live daily or use Zoom too. 

    Regarding tools, I use a combination of Hootsuite, Adobe Creative Suite, and Canva to manage our social media strategy. Hootsuite allows us to schedule posts in advance and monitor performance, Creative Suite helps me create visually appealing content, and Canva is a great resource for quickly creating graphics that are both creative and engaging.

    Overall, managing the social media strategy for our business or organization has been a great experience. It's an ever-evolving process that requires us to be agile and creative while providing great opportunities to engage with our audience and build relationships. However, some challenges exist, such as staying on top of the latest trends and figuring out how to create outstanding content. Understanding our target audience, their interests, and what they respond to is essential.

    We use various tools and platforms to manage our social media accounts, including Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. These are great for scheduling posts and getting analytics on our content, so we can track our progress and determine what works best. We also use them to monitor conversations around our brand and respond quickly when needed.

    One of the most pressing questions we face is how to effectively measure the success of our social media initiatives and campaigns. We must determine which strategies produce the best results to refine our approach and reach our target audience more effectively.

    The tools we use are invaluable in helping us assess the impact of our social media content. We can track engagement rates, conversions, and other metrics to get a clear picture of how our content is performing. We also use social media analytics platforms to analyze engagement rates, identify influencers, and see where our content is most impacted.

    Another major challenge we face is how to create content that resonates with our audience. We must ensure that our content is engaging, informative, and entertaining to keep them returning for more. This requires us to think about our target audience and their interests so that we can create content tailored specifically for them.

    It is also important to stay on top of trends to provide fresh content for our audience. This requires us to regularly search for trending topics and news stories related to our teachertainer or tutoring/teaching industry and incorporate them into our content whenever possible. We also need to explore our options for working with influencers, as they can often greatly impact our global social media performance.

  • We primarily use the major social media platforms just to provide very basic information on our company and then have them link to our website. We do have some customers place reviews on these platforms for a better presence on the internet.  But we don't ever want to rely on these companies because many of them use dishonest practices to censor speech and manipulate search results.

    By keeping our website as the place people go to for our company, we don't have to put our trust in companies that are dishonest and deceptive.

  • For my business I use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linktree.

  • I use facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, tiktok, twitch, discord, whatsapp, linkedin for my personal life and some business.  They each have strengths and weaknesses and they have different audiences they reach as well as different limitations.

  • No one can deny the extraordinary force that tiktok is when you know how to promote your products through this channel