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Good morning all,

Just joined the group and was hoping to network with other nonprofits and associated fields. 

I'm the Director of Operations for National Overwatch (NOW), a TX based nonprofit comprised of military veterans from special forces units, military police, intelligence, command and logistics spanning across all branches of the armed services; current and former law enforcement/risk & threat Mitigation professionals and other key players who spent their adult lives identifying threats and figuring out how to keep the threat from harming, or otherwise impacting anyone under their protection. NOWs core staff has combined our hundreds of years of experience, know-how and skill to protect our Nation's kids from school shootings and other violence. 

NOW is utilizing every resource at our disposal to devise and implement a multi-faceted program to mitigate the threats to our children while they're under the care of our schools. Our programs are innovative, expedient and unbelievably effective. 

I believe that collaboration throughout our communities will ensure the successful protection of our youth for years to come. We are currently on the hunt for school districts, local law enforcement agencies as well as State/Local Government officials interested in solving this issue rather than serving another agenda.

Funding, resources, networking and passing the word are greatly appreciated. You can contact us directly or go to 

To find out more. 

  • Hi Chris! Welcome to the LenovoPRO Community. I always love learning more about the NPOs in the community. I hope you enjoy what resources and connections you can find here. Thank you for sharing your mission and what you aim to do! 

    You can promote your NPO in the member marketplace, listing all this info and more so it's super easy for others to connect with you.

  • haven't heard of this kind of group before, it would surely bring some peace of mind to parent of children in public schools

  • We're fairly new; & it's unfortunate that things have gotten to the point where groups like ours need to exist.. I've started engaging a lot of parents' groups because, unfortunately our biggest obstacle is School Boards attempting to keep external organizations out of their innerworkings, nobody likes outsiders coming in to review what has been done; I get that.  

    Once we start working with the schools in our program & we show them that we're actually there to fix problems without other agendas things get much easier. 

  • Welcome to the group,  ! I love the sound of what you are doing.

  • Public schools always need additional resources. Check out some of the Public school forums on Thank you for your post!