Introduce your non-profit

Introduce yourself to other NPOs in the community. Some ideas to include:

  • Your name and role
  • NPO name & location
  • Mission & why you do what you do
    • Did you start the NPO? Why?

PS - Make sure you join the group to post in the forum! 

  • Hello from New Orleans.  I am Rosalind Washington Sr Community Development and Organization operations officer.  The New Orleans Neighborhood Development Foundation in a 501c3 Asset building counseling and education HUD certified organization, whose mission is to advocate, counsel/coach, and  educate individuals and families to build assets through homeownership.  I

    While I did not start the NOP, I have began my relationship as a volunteer for about 5-years and have been employed here since 2000 

  • Great to meet you and great to have you  What drew you to going FT? That is a very admirable NPO, love the mission.

  • Thanks Beth.  I went FT because of the mission and the staff.

  • Dan Jowers

    Director of Program Operations

    Volunteers of America - Western Nebraska Affiliate

    Volunteers of America Western Nebraska (VOAWN) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote complete physical, mental, and emotional well-being while serving children, families, and communities by providing programs to encourage self-sufficiency, increase health equity, and promote positive developmental growth to help Nebraska's most vulnerable. Our work touches the mind, body, and spirit of those we serve, integrating our deep compassion with highly effective human service programming.

  • Hi   Great to meet you and have you here. Hope you can connect with other amazing NPOs. Love VOAWN mission. 

  • Leslie Knepp, IT Administrator
    New Horizons Ministries, Colorado, USA
    We help people escape the cycle of incarceration.

  • Hello! My name is Judith Smetana. I am the creator and director of  Saveabird Inc, a bird sanctuary and educational organization based in Southport, NC, USA. I began this organization to educate citizens about the habitat, food, and protection of birds. We offer online bird biology and birdwatching classes, and we welcome visitors to our area to see our resident bird species up close. We also provide various volunteering opportunities for those who want to get involved in our work. I appreciate your interest in Saveabird Inc! Please visit

  • Hello from Jacksonville, Florida!  I'm Matt Slaga, director of IT4Nonprofit and Future Tech Skills, Inc (dba of IT4NP).  

    In 2017, I started IT4NP, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to helping other select NPOs in their technology roadmaps and planning.  I had been personally volunteering for a number of NPOs since 2008, and decided in 2017 to make it an official NPO.  IT4NP today has six board members, all who are like-minded and like to help other NPOs focus on what they do best, rather than IT.  All of our consulting services are pro-bono, and we do provide occasional grants.  All the board members are current IT industry leaders, and this is our way of giving back.

    In 2020, we were struggling with some of the remote NPOs and having local hands-on staff available to assist in support.  Our team met and came up with the idea for Future Tech Skills, Inc (FTSI), which is a dba of IT4NP focused on providing entry-level technical certification scholarships to aspiring future technology leaders.  We partnered with industry leading certification leaders, created our own mentorship program and began taking scholarship applications.  It has been a big success, and has been amazing to see these graduates gain confidence and embark on their careers.  It's also amazing to see these graduates step up and become mentors to the next group of trainees.  

  • That is admirable work. I have a family member who works at Prison Fellowship who have the same aim.