Strategies for re-use of decommissioned devices

Curious to know everyone's favorite strategies for re-use of devices no longer in use!

  • As much as possible, I try to find another purpose or solution for reasonably functioning devices or devices that are reasonably repairable. For example, a 15 year old tower that was used as my father's main computer is now our living room PC after a few hardware and software upgrades. Currently runs Windows 11 and streams most media without issue!

  • I wipe them and then donate them to local community animal shelters. I try to support them as well with upgrades are needed.

  • I tend to use devices until they are unstable, so there is really not anything useful remaining aside from a few parts.

  • As a recipient of decommissioned devices, I can say thank you to all who donated.  My nonprofit, Future Tech Skills Inc, provides technical certification scholarships to aspiring future tech leaders.  We provide PCs to those who need them, or for laboratory and testing use (depending on age and usability).  It's such an honor to watch our scholarship recipients learn new skills and embark on their tech careers.

  • I've mostly just donated or recycled old devices, but I'd love to hear some some fun or interesting ways to reuse some of them, especially old tablets that will no longer support the latest app versions.

  • I also tend to keep devices until they are starting to fail and then keep them as a backup just in case my main device goes down.  When they are no longer needed as a backup, I drop off at an electronics recycler.

  • Fully wiping the device of all prior usage to protect data then either giving it to another to use or selling that device if the need arises and is possible 

  • wipe and give to non-profits or employees that ask about it. I always offer to install and help suggest replacement parts such as batteries or RAM upgrades. 

  • Wipe and resell, or otherwise trade in. Or try to be creative in finding new uses for old devices.

  • I usually make sure all personal information is off of them and if it is a computer or tablet. I pass it on to the younger generation to have fun learning with and I don't have to worry so much if it dies or becomes broken.